Monday, June 21, 2010

Building new friendships

Since I met Juliet, I started to feel better about being homesick because we get together atleast once a month either to my or her house. Sometimes, if Im not with her then, the other Filipino woman take me with her. I started to have some fun with some fellow Filipino. Well, this month Im pretty much expose with lots of Filipino's around here.. which helps me to lessen my homesickness. And I just met yesterday, another 2 Filipinos that lives in Richland I think, though its not so close where I live but that's good enough, all I gotta do is to learn how to drive which is not easy thing. One thing Im glad about my friends here, is they are not back stabbers which the thing that I dont like. Well, it took sometime for me to meet this people, but it's worth it I think, I was just being patient and now finally I have some people whom I can call " friends" here in WA. I have alot of friends but they are all over the US though, but didn't have any here. Hoping to build good friendship with these people as much I did with some friends but now they far away from me..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Headache alternative

When it gets cold in the morning then hot in day time, I noticed that I get headaches too not only on winter and spring season. But I dont really like to take some other medicines other than herbs. Because I prefer to try the alternatives first and if it wouldn't work then, drug medicines to relieve my aches and pains or whatever. And I know alot of herbs for alternatives of drug medicines, because my mom always used those herbs, and it works. But though we cannot find everything as for alternatives but most herbs are there. Thats why the other night I asked my family if they know any alternative for headaches? then they told me that honey is one of the headaches reliever. So I tried it and it is true that it helps most of my headaches. I just take a teaspoon of honey, but I do prefer a pure one but I cant really tell which honey is really pure. But I take anyway whatever kind of honey I got but so far it works for me most of the time. But for some reason there are times that my headache wouldn't totally disappear and thats the time that I just need to take a rest. It's a good thing that I take honey for my headaches because a friend of mine who is a nurse told me be carefull for the pain relievers because some of them could harm our kidney. I also according to the doctor on tv that honey would be good alternatives because some pain relievers have some side effects.. You should try it too and maybe it will work for you.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Still tired

I felt bad last night, I had stomach upset and only I can think causing it is the food I ate, that we just bought from some gas station store when we headed back home from the cabin since it was already getting late and there's no time to cook meal. After I ate the chicken wings and a corn dog, I started to have a heartburn, and made me so uncomfortable, infact I waited till 11pm to get to bed because I was hoping to feel better, though heartburn got better but the upset of my stomach was still there.. And that's what woke me up this morning as early as 5am which is not my regular time to get up.. Sometimes I'd be awake even earlier than that but atleast I could go back to sleep, but this morning my stomach really bothers me. So I just got up and drink a cup of plain hot water.. LOL... that's my favorite to take when it comes to stomach upset.. Well seems like that its working... its a good thing!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Christmas gifts

A friend of mine who was here at the house the other day kept on asking me about the shipping for the boxes for the Philippines. She said that she wants to send it before they go over there so that it will get there before christmas because those boxes mostly contains gifts for her relatives, friends and neighbors for christmas. I was really surprise that she already bought christmas gifts, for the christmas is still several months away. But then I heard that she bought gifts too soon because right after christmas alot of things are on big sale. Thats why alot of people tempted to buy too early for the next event. So I better start to shop for this box that I have too so that I can send it there early also. I think I will also look for religious Christmas cards to give away to my religious friends, and send it together with the package for my family and friends back in the Philippines. It will take few months for me to fill up this box, because I cannot afford too many things at once, so I better start looking for a good deal soon. And hopefully I will get my 10yrs greencard before November so that we can go home and I will just take this religious christmas cards to my family and friends. Because I doubt if it would still look good when we they get after 2months of shipping and in worst scenario, they might not get it because my friends in VA sent 2boxes and didn't get there, that's depressing.. Well.. so far I am successfull in sending boxes over there hopefully I will not encounter the same as my friends in VA.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wish I could drive

I have been so busy for the weeks, preparing for getting together with our new friends, and going to other places to see friends.. Though it made me so busy but atleast Im happy. Thanks to my very supportive husband, who is willing to take me anywhere, just to see my friends that we hardly see anymore. I know that he is willing to take me anywhere I want to go, but I really need to learn how to drive in the city so that I will not hesitate asking him if there's friends gathering..well I take him with me specially if my friends husbands will be there too, but there are times that it is for girls only..LOL, so I dont have to take him.. Well.. I really need to work on my driving so bad.. because my friend the other day was talking about picking me up everytime we will hang out together,, and I think its too hastle for them because I live out in a country about 30mins drive then they will pick me up just to take to the city where they live? I cant imagine doing that.. but its not a problem from them.. but still i need to learn how to drive for my own sake.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Tonight, im chatting with my little brother. He keep on telling me to ask my husband if he knows how to beatbox? And my husband was like, what the heck is he talking about? Well, he just didnt hear the words before and so am I. So my little brother keep on telling me to go to youtube then give me instructions, but we were so busy trying to figure out our printer, though its not brand new one but we hardly use it. Then after we finally figured it out, I finally listen to my little brother because he really wanted me/us to see the beatbox of this Japanese kid. Then, I went to youtube and search this kid and I am just so amazed of what he is doing. So I showed it to my husband and he was not having so much fun as I did but he said that this kid is good. Hhhhmmm... I just cant imagine my husband doing this beatbox?....HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bye insomnia

Last summer when we went to Alaska, we stayed at my sister's in laws house and I noticed her big glass windows with vinyl shutters on it that look so neat. I was so amazed the beauty of Ak, and I was so shock of what I found out that it would stay light outside for almost 24hrs in a day in summer season, which really wondered me. But on the other hand, it would be dark most of the time in winter season too.. and I wouldn't like that because Im sure that I would have anxiety panic.. plus I couldn't handle that super cold weather in winter season. So, I preffer to go there for a vacation on summer time. Anyway, I thought I would have problem on sleeping at night since it's light outside at night, but im glad that my sister in law have vinyl shutters installed on her windows, and it kept dark inside the room like evening dark, and I didnt have sleeping trouble after all.

Then this month we went to Las Vegas NV and stayed at hubby's niece house, again, I noticed her pretty windows with stylish vinyl shutters. The good thing about this vinyl shutter to me, is I couldn't tell the difference between morning and evening once I shut the shutter, so it could really help me to fall asleep tight and not knowing that the sun is way up already. And it could also save some electicity on summer time because it could keep the house cool when you keep it shut.